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Understanding Keisha Tina Turner Impersonator
Keisha Wright who formerly came together with legends in Las Vegas concerts, take her impersonation of Tuner Turner to the Empress Theatre in a show that paid tribute to different legends.
Keisha Wright in one of her interviews explained that he used to sit while watching TV with her parents while the show for Tina Turner would air. She admits that she would laugh at her because of her dancing styles. The comment from her mom was that Keisha could laugh all she wants but will never be able to dance like Tina.
After years, Wright gained a reputation specifically for her tribute to Tina. It was no surprise to Wright considering some people told her that even though she does not look like the iconic Turner, she had a sound like hers. It made Turner ask her while she was only fifteen years to be one of her back-up singers.
The singers who were already back-up singers for Timer encouraged her and she got to an audition. While Wright was playing a piano and sang a tune from Aretha Franklin, a person entered the audition room while wearing cowboy boots.
At that point, Wright was needed to quickly learn fifteen songs but she backed off with an excuse that she will not be able to do it. It went to the extent that she ignored a phone message sent by Tina. Wright explained that she did not call her for a month. One day, her grandmother told her that there is a person on the phone by the name Tina Turner who wants to talk to her.
It was at this point that Wright made the decision if being her back up singer but she was not talented in dancing. It reached a point that Turner agreed that she was not able to dance and it will not happen.
Apart from Wright who had the same voice as Tina while singing, there was another person who had the same physical resemblance. The resemblance of Coco Fletcher is uncanny specifically on fliers used for promotion where it becomes hard to differentiate the two. The issue started existing after Fletcher offered her tribute .
The lawyer in charge of the case suing Fletcher said they wanted to make decisions on when Tina’s name and image are utilized specifically for commercial purposes. The lawsuit began after a production in Germany for producing Tina’s music started running.
Tina Turner however lost the case for suing Fletcher because of looking so much like her in posters for promotions. The aim was that fans could have assumed that she was involved in the production despite the age difference. However, the ruling of the court was that artistic rights cannot outweigh personal rights. At the time of the case, Tina was 82 years while Fletcher was in her 30s.
Tina focused on Fletcher being banned from using her name and likeness while doing promotions to make fans assume that he took part in the production. However, there were too many similarities between Tina and Fletcher. The ruling of the case was made after two years.

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